Infrastructure Services

OTOC Australia is an industry leading construction contractor for building critical support infrastructure. We are unique in providing complete infrastructure solutions in-house; offering a wide range of services that are adaptable for individual projects.

From designing and installing accommodation villages and other non-process infrastructure, to establishing complex communication facilities, OTOC Australia has the capacity and capability to facilitate every aspect of your project.

We provide teams with the following trades and disciplines:

  • Project management
  • Power generation and electrical
  • Communication and information technologies
  • Water hydraulics and plumbing
  • Infrastructure design and construction
  • Infrastructure operation and maintenance

OTOC Australia helps clients plan, manage and maintain critical support infrastructure in five key markets:

  • Remote area infrastructure
  • Government utilities
  • Government infrastructure
  • Renewable energy
  • Sustaining capital

The OTOC Australia team can take care of every aspect of your infrastructure project, from initial design through to commissioning.

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