Urban Design

Unlocking space to create place

Designing our environment is a process of integrating buildings, open space, transport infrastructure and human activity and shaping them into a neighbourhood, community or campus. Veris is driven to create liveable, sustainable communities.

Good urban design connects a community with its environment and is intrinsically environmentally and economically sustainable.

At Veris, we take the time to understand the unique social, economic, physical and environmental constraints and opportunities of each project as part of our integrated design and idea generation process. Our inclusive, open-ended approach provides the freedom to generate and test a range of possible outcomes, from the abstract to the detailed design level.

Our Urban Design services include:

  • Site Analysis and Opportunities Assessment
  • Visioning and Project Positioning
  • Master Planning, Structure Planning and Planning for Growth
  • Design Guidelines and Urban Framework Plans
  • Urban Regeneration and Infill Strategies
  • Place Making
  • Graphics, Visualisations and Marketing Material
  • Consultation and Negotiation

Veris understands the importance of strong urban design principles and has helped bring many of Australia’s major urban design projects to life. Delivering solutions that surpass the aspirations of stakeholders is our priority and it is here where our experience becomes invaluable.

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