Seamless collaboration and reliable communication with Aqura's award winning ARC solution

Jun 25, 2019

Seamless functioning of a business largely depends on the communication between its people. Even more so when the business has people on the field – reliable communication especially in remote areas is vital. One of the solutions offered by Aqura (a Veris company), is the Autonomous Rapid Communications (ARC) solution. This solution solves the problem of needing robust communications in remote areas.

A reliable communications solution, the ARC offers high capacity and is engineered to Tier 1 mining standards. Transportable and rapidly deployable, the solution provides ~5km of coverage – enabling people to connect their devices and equipment even in remote locations.

The cost effective solution recently won the WAIITA Incite Awards for Most Effective Infrastructure Solution. Judged on various criteria including the advantages for the client, quality of the solution and the innovative approach, the award is a testimony for the effectiveness of the solution. Integrating an autonomous LTE Network for local access with a self-acquiring satellite communications dish for backhaul connectivity, the solution offers real time access to remote data, consistent data acquisition from sensors and field devices, and enables easy access of business applications and communications.

Aqura’s clients have seen several benefits of using the ARC solution. A global mining company, one of Aqura’s clients, required a communications solution to increase accuracy and improve efficiency for their exploration drilling operations. Apart from having a real time view of operations, the client required the solution to enable easy access and updating of applications, process information in the field, optimise the utilisation of field assets and increase productivity. With Aqura’s ARC solution, the client was able to:

  • Have real-time access to geoscience information that helped with real-time analytics and decision making, improving the accuracy and productivity of drilling activities

  • Improved efficiencies in the exploration process and optimised utilisation of field assets, reducing costs and time onsite

  • Auto deployment and remote management that ensures minimum skills needed by the customer

When asked the client about their experience with Aqura’s ARC solution, they said, “The communications trailer can only be described as the Nirvana of on-site workflows for geologists.”

What adds more value to the solution is the fact that the configuration is applied off-site, allowing the ARC to be rapidly deployed within a matter of minutes in remote locations. An on-board compute platform further enhances the ARC solution’s benefits to clients by allowing local and immediate processing of data using the customer’s own software. If you want to know more about Aqura’s ARC solution and how it can benefit your business, reach out Aqura here.