The accurate measurement of large components and fixtures in the aerospace industry can be problematic due to the nature of the dimensions involved. As a result, laser trackers are commonly used throughout the aerospace industries due to their flexibility and high precision measurements.

A number of applications exist within the aerospace industry for reverse engineering of components. Typically this process is required where modifications must be made to older aircraft and no accurate dimensional information exists for the required component. Veris utilises industry leading 3D scanning instruments and software to ensure worlds best practice the data acquisition and CAD design to complete projects in an accurate and timely manner.

Turbine blades have been measured traditionally with a contact probing system on a Coordinate Measuring Machine. Utilising laser scanning, a number of benefits can be realised such as capturing complete surface geometry for an in-depth analysis. Blade profiles can be measured quickly and accurately and standard airfoil measurements such as Leading and Trailing Edge Radii, Camber Line, Chord Length among others can be extracted.

Veris provides a variety of services to the Aerospace industry, including:

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