Veris has deployed 3D Spatial services extensively with the automotive industry in Australia over the years, enabling our customers to gain a competitive edge in shortening product development times and producing better components.

From scanning motorcycles, cars and trucks to analysing high precision engine components and calibrating tooling fixtures, we have worked with a large cross section of the automotive industry throughout Australia. We work closely with several race teams on a wide range of projects to provide both reverse engineering, vehicle geometry setup and fixturing calibration services.

Veris has the resources and experience to supply the Automotive industry with:

  • Automotive Styling using Laser Scanning to accurately capture the complex curvatures and fine details of automotive concept models.
  • 3D CAD models from an early stage in the concept design
  • Quality Inspection and Analysis of dimensional conformance specifications
  • Part-to-CAD or Part-to-Part analysis
  • Full colour profile deviation maps 
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) analysis
  • Automated flush and gap
  • Profile gauge measurements
  • Aftermarket Product Design
  • Accurate measurements for fitting or Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive conversion
  • Hand ported part replication for re-machining

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