The team at Veris specialise in supporting high-end engineering construction including, railways, tunnels, roads, bridges, buildings, earthworks and customised monitoring projects with detailed engineering surveys. Our workplace experience is also significant for major rail projects such as our contracts undertaken for the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project, Trackstar (QLD) and Epping to Chatswood Railway Line (NSW).

Laser Scanning of large infrastructure provides complete and accurate spatial information and provides a faster, safer and more accurate alternative to traditional survey and dimensional control methods to capture, visualise and model complex structures.

Veris utilises the latest in large-scale laser measurement technology to accurately capture, visualise and model spatial information for projects as varied as providing as-built documentation and modelling of petrochemical and automotive assembly plants, marine and mining all the way to projects in the fields of architecture and heritage preservation.

We can provide asset collection and mapping services to clients including local and state government, private enterprise and global corporations within Australia. Our team of expert survey, planning and design professionals are experienced in the delivery of hydrographic surveys for maritime projects.

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