Capital Structure

Capital Structure

Quoted Securities

Ordinary fully paid shares*


*9,024,569 Are subject to voluntary escrow


  Unquoted Securities

Performance rights expiring 30 June 2017^


Performance rights expiring 30 June 2018^


Performance rights expiring 30 June 2019^


^Performance Rights will vest subject to the achievement of financial performance hurdles being, Relative Total Shareholder Return and Earnings Per Share Compounded Annual Growth.

Dividend Information

Dividend Payment Details



Record Date

29 August 2016

Payment Date

12 September 2016

Amount Per Share




Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Under the Veris’ Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP), you may elect to have the dividends paid on some or all of your Veris shares automatically reinvested in additional Veris shares.

Participation in the DRP is entirely optional. All Shareholders with an Australian or New Zealand address on the Veris register of members are eligible to participate in the DRP. Shareholders who do not have an address in Australia or New Zealand on the register of members may only participate in the DRP if the Directors in their absolute and unfettered discretion approve of the participation.

A copy of the DRP Rules can be accessed through the website.

Shareholders requiring additional information about their shareholdings should refer to the Company’s Share Registry below:

Level 11, 172 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
P: +61 9323 2000
F: +61 9323 2033

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