Corporate Governance

Veris is committed to upholding exceptional corporate governance policies and practices.

The corporate governance structures, charters, protocols, and reporting processes are documented below.

  • Structure of Board and Committees
  • Nominations and Remuneration Committee Charter
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee Charter
  • Board Members’ Code of Conduct
  • Conflict of Interest Protocol
  • Group Code of Conduct/Values
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Policy on the Trading of Company’s Shares
  • Release of Price Sensitive Information
  • Board Calendar (Strategic Governance Issues)
  • Board and Management Performance Enhancement Policy

The Corporate Governance Charter was prepared with regard to the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations 3rd Edition released by the ASX Corporate Governance Council so as to ensure that its practices are largely consistent with those recommendations.

The Corporate Governance Charter will be reviewed and adjusted, as required, on an ongoing basis including in line with ASX Corporate Governance Council amendments to the Recommendations.

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