World Hydrography Day in Jakarta

Eric Fremouw, Operational Lead at Veris in Sydney, has been invited by the Chief Hydrographer of Indonesia, Rear Admiral Harjo Susmoro, to speak at an International seminar on World Hydrography Day to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 17th of September.

Eric has accepted this opportunity and honour to deliver his knowledge and insight on how Hydrography can contribute to maritime infrastructure development activities, which is currently the main focus of the Indonesian Government. Eric has a wealth of knowledge and experience, including a global and Australian track record for tackling Civil Engineering projects, cadastral surveys and many other mapping projects.

The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) adopted a resolution in 2005 which welcomed the adoption of World Hydrography Day (WHD) by the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO). The aim of the international day, June 21, is to give suitable publicity to the work of the IHO at all levels and increase the coverage of hydrographic information on a global basis.

Hydrographic Surveying provides a detailed underwater inspection of the sea floor and structures. This is done with a 3D sonar system to capture point cloud datasets in conjunction with high-resolution 2D imagery. When paired with terrestrial 3D laser scanned data, Veris can deploy underwater 3D sonar to provide a complete three dimensional as-built model of the structure both above and below the water line.

The theme of the 97th annual WHD this year is Bathymetry - the Foundation for Sustainable Seas, Ocean and Waterways (PDF). The opening ceremony of the conference in Jakarta will be led by the Indonesian Chief of Naval Staff.

For more information on World Hydrographic Day, visit the International Hydrographic Organisation via the link.