Status and outlook for residential land supply in Cairns

James McPeake, Senior Town Planner at Veris Australia has written a paper on the status and outlook for residential land supply and residential development in the Cairns Local Government area.

At its Ordinary Council Meeting on the 27 November 2019 the Cairns Regional Council refused a development application that sought to override the planning scheme to rezone land from Rural Zone to Low Density Residential zoned land.

As a result of this refusal being partially based on the grounds of “planning need” and “adequate supply of appropriately zoned land”, this independent review by James McPeake of Veris Australia was initiated to seek to explore and understand – what is the status of residential land development in the Cairns local government area? What is the outlook for available residential land supply within the Cairns Local Government area – 2020 – 2031? Lastly, to provide recommendations to promote appropriate new land supply and how to stimulate and promote existing developed areas to undergo infill development. A future study will explore the factors that impact upon land supply and the type of residential development seen in the Cairns Local Government area.

Download the pdf