Innovative solution provides safety and efficiency outcomes for client

How can we reduce the access requirements for surveys of overhead or suspended rail and deliver safety and efficiency outcomes for our clients?

It is a problem that Brenton Tidow, Manager of Karratha operations for Veris Australia, has been busy conceptualising and prototyping a solution for over the last 12 months.

The vision was to design and create an auto-levelling prism, built into a single rail jig, that would significantly reduce the requirements of direct access, resulting in a safer method to complete the surveying works, while increasing the efficiency.

The innovative solution, known as Rail Runner V1.0, was custom designed and self-fabricated using base materials and a prism to meet the requirements.

With the support of our client in the Pilbara, Brenton was able to deploy the innovation on a recent project with great results.

“Usually, to utilise the prism the operator must look down on the bubble, and therefore requires direct access to the top of the rails,” said Brenton.

“It eliminated the need to work on a platform ladder near the conveyor as well as working at heights risks, and instead, a safety step is all that’s needed.

“Also, because there is no requirement to have access to view the bubble on the prism, the survey works can be completed more efficiently.”

The innovation also enabled consistent measuring of the same offset from edge of rail – reducing the chance of human error.

Most importantly, the client was satisfied with the outcome and invited Veris to share the success across the business.

There are now plans to adopt the innovative solution on other projects for clients of Veris Australia.