Veris hosts panel session on Digital Twins

As part of Digital Twin Week 2020, Veris hosted a panel discussion on how Digital Twins can support the planning of our fastest growing greenfield and regional areas.

Facilitated by Mauren Benier, Urban Design Team Leader and Peter Sippel, Consulting Survey Manager at Veris, the panel of guest speakers included:

  • Bronwen Clark, Executive Officer National Growth Areas Alliance
  • Dr Adam Mowlam, Strategic Lead Digital Twin, Strategic Land Assessment & Information DELWP
  • Dr. Melanie Davern, Director Australian Urban Observatory, RMIT
  • Paul Cassidy, Director Outer Melbourne, Victorian Planning Authority
  • Kelly Grigsby, CEO, Wyndham City Council

Adam Beck, Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand said about the event, "As a planner by trade, this dialogue was fascinating, and much needed. Thank you to Veris for hosting, and to the panel guests who contributed authentic and meaningful insights. Such a great addition to Digital Twin Week."

You can view a recording of the session here.

Veris is proud to be a Regional Partner of the Smart Cities Council (SSC), convener of Digital Twin Week 2020. The SSC are fast becoming Australia’s leading advocates of data and technology for underpinning smart cities and digital twins. They have built a reputation in Australia and New Zealand as assembling the leading companies and organisations in Digital Twin services.