Hydrographic Survey

Hydrographic Surveying provides a detailed underwater inspection of a structure with a 3D scanning sonar system to capture point cloud datasets in conjunction with detailed 2D imagery.

In conjunction with this 3D laser scanned data, Veris can deploy underwater 3D sonar to provide a complete three dimensional as-built model of the structure both above and below the water line.

To capture high resolution point cloud data of the sea floor, Veris deploys an echo sounder incorporating multiple beams. This process is known as Multibeam Bathymetry. Deployed from a vessel, such as the Veris boat, the multibeam echo sounder can collect over 5,000 data points per second across a 120 degree swathe; using roll and pitch stabilisation – resulting in fast data capture of the sea floor.

In small shallow waters, where point density is not a requirement, Veris can deploy a more cost-effective, high accuracy single beam unit. 

Veris can offer a tailor-made solution to ensure your assets remain safe, operational and efficient. These results can be accessed on PC, tablet and other mobile devices, to provide you with a flexible and visual presentation of results.

Please contact a team member at Veris to discuss your Hydrographic Surveying needs.





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