Underground Service Detection Surveys

Veris provides quality and efficient Underground Service Detection Surveys via subsurface utility location and mapping services for a wide range of projects types and scales. Our innovative solutions integrate ground penetrating radar (GPR), electromagnetic induction (EMI), survey precision, asset documentation, potholing, drafting and mapping.

Underground detection surveys are beneficial to subsurface projects as they minimise possible damage that can be caused locating subterranean equipment such as pipes or electric cables.

Our ground penetrating radar/ground probing radars can locate sunken objects that are foreign to the area. The main benefit to using this type of survey is that it can detect changes between objects underfoot with no ground disruption. Ground penetrating radars can be used to find utilities such as fibre optic cables and a range of plastic, concrete and clay pipes.

In combination with our years of experience managing spatial data, we are able to provide comprehensive subsurface solutions.

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Key Personnel

Gavin Hassett

Regional Manager - WA

Mark Baumann

Principal - 3D Spatial

Laurence Mead

Principal - Subsurface Operations

Jeffrey Ramos

Training and Development Manager

Matti Antikainen

Manager Subsurface Mapping - QLD

Leigh French

Manager Subsurface Mapping

Ricky Rennocks

Manager Subsurface Mapping - ACT