Wear and Deformation Analysis

Veris utilises a wide range of 3D scanning and survey instrumentation to accurately monitor change over time. Custom developed software enables us to supply analysis and results to a clients' unique specifications.

For applications such as mill liner and crusher liner wear analysis, data acquisition is performed quickly and safely in order to minimise interruptions to tight shut-down schedules. Veris have developed advanced analysis and reporting routines with a high level of automation to ensure results are supplied in a timely manner and maximise decision making time. Our detailed reporting includes colour maps, cross sectional analysis and wear forecasting accompanied by interactive 3D viewing software to maximise value to the client.

In fact, all of our techniques are highly scalable and are regularly used to map wear on items as small as ground engaging tools (GET) (measured using our high accuracy metrology grade scanners) or at the other end of the spectrum, mapping of dam wall, rock face or open cut mine stability.

Our range of wear and deformation mapping services includes:

  • GET wear mapping and analysis
  • Mill and crusher wear mapping and analysis
  • Dam wall stability monitoring and deformation analysis
  • Rock wall stability monitoring and deformation analysis
  • Shotcrete thickness analysis
  • Building facade stability monitoring
  • Corrosion mapping of pipes
  • Subsidence monitoring
  • Precision prism monitoring arrays with remote monitoring, logging and alerts