Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Digital Documentation in Architecture

Digital Documentation and Building information modelling (BIM) includes the process of collecting and creating a digital as-conditions representation of the built environment. These data sets can be used to support Building Information Models, which can be used to interpret the data and make strategic decisions. BIM data, for example, can be used to illustrate the entire lifecycle of a structure. It details the design to demolition where a user can visualise space and objects to minimise error throughout the duration of a project.   

Veris understands the complexities in the successful execution of developing as-conditions 3D model deliverables which integrate tightly with our client’s work flows. We have developed robust in-house methods to ensure fully compliant deliverables such as those for Revit, whilst consulting with the project owner to create a level of detail in the 3D model that is fit for the purpose.

The adoption of 3D Laser Scanning within architectural work flows has led to an ever-increasing need for an efficient method of transforming highly detailed 3D Laser Scan survey into documented models, suitable for implementation in BIM work flows.

Where fully documented models are not required, Veris' in-house 3D CAD designers excel at extracting highly detailed mass models from 3D scan data for heritage documentation and digital archive purposes.

Our services include:

  • 3D reality capture and land survey of the as-built environment.
  • Survey of title boundaries for the integration with the reality captured data
  • Revit model development
  • Mass model development
  • Development of Level of Detail specifications for the project
  • Intricate modelling of heritage facades
  • 2D floor plans and elevations
  • Delivery of reality capture meshes
  • Integration of Title information with spatial data
  • Delivery of point cloud formats, including Recap, POD and PTS amongst others.

The following video is an example of our BIM services in action.



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