Digital As-Condition Plant Models

Industrial processing facilities are some of the most complex built environments in existence. With maintenance and expansion of a facility, the requirement for an as-condition digital model of the plant is necessary, especially where design data bears little to no resemblance to the as-built conditions.

Utilising  proven 3D data capture methods, Veris' team of engineering and land surveying professionals provide expert consultation to provide the designer or asset maintenance professional a 3D digital representation of the plant, from field acquisition to desktop. In developing a digital as-condition  model of the plant, future brown-field projects can be executed with a high degree of confidence.

Veris’ field capture methods include: 

  • High definition, terrestrial 3D laser scanning surveys.
  • Metrology grade 3D laser scanning and discrete point measurement capture methods.
  • Photogrammetry based point cloud data acquisition methods, including close-range based methods.
  • UAV inspection surveys.

Veris’ 3D as-condition modelling capabilities include:

  • Development of non-intelligent and intelligent 3D CAD models.
  • True as-built and design intent modelling strategies.
  • MultipleCAD platform support
  • Generation of high-end visualisations, panoramic imaging and facility walkthroughs
  • Extraction of 2D as-built drawings, piping isometric drawings and structural layouts

The following video is an example of our As-Built Plant Model services in action.



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