Dimensional Inspection

Dimensional inspection, also widely known as dimensional metrology, measures the geometric elements of various objects to determine an exact size or distance. In order to complete this with exact precision, a number of measuring tools are required.

The team of metrology consultants at Veris work both onsite and offsite to provide a range of 3d spatial services which support a number of different industries. This information enables project managers to make informed decisions regarding engineering and maintenance of a given project. We offer a complete range of coordinate measurement technology including Romer arms with both tactile and 3D laser scanning capabilities through to large scale measurement with instruments such as Leica laser trackers.

Our services include:

  • Precision dimensional inspection and alignment of rotating machinery including turbines, mills and complex drive systems.
  • Precision alignments of parallelism, straightness, fatness, concentricity and axial run-out.
  • Geometric verification of components with direct CAD to Part and model based inspection techniques.
  • Functional GD&T analysis
  • Deformation analysis for identification of warping, shrinkage and other manufacturing defects
  • Tabular, graphical and interactive dimensional conformance reports.

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