High Definition Surveys

High Definition Survey (HDS) also known as 3D laser scanning is a process which captures the real world as a highly detailed 3D point cloud. Our Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) service captures and delivers high resolution, complete as-built data sets without disruption to workflow; reducing potential downtime and unnecessary exposure to risks on site.

Veris operates a fleet of 3D laser scanners, each with differing capabilities, range, speed, durability and accuracy. Our Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) service is an effective method for collecting field data to accurately map various Infrastructure projects including; road, rail, electrical transmission distribution, vegetation encroachment and structures/building facades. This data capture also provides highly accurate 360 degree imaging at high resolution, ideal for road dilapidation surveys.

At Veris, we can use laser scanning and imaging technology to provide faster and more comprehensive data capture than traditional survey methods. The versatility of these technologies and the ability to handle complex environments provides tangible benefits to our clients. Health and safety risks are reduced, outputs are accelerated and unrivalled completeness of data is delivered through rapid, non-contact data collection.

Veris applies our extensive knowledge and technology to a wide range of applications and industries to provide faster, safer, cost efficient, more accurate and innovative alternatives to traditional survey methods.

We supply:

The following video is an example of our High Definition Survey services in action.



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