Underground Service Detection Surveys

Internationally awarded subsurface and utility mapping solutions.

Veris offers a comprehensive suite of subsurface mapping services to meet a wide range of underground information requirements. From industry leading utility location services to pioneering 3D mapping solutions for major infrastructure and archaeological projects, our national team has the capacity and experience to deliver on the most complex of projects.

As part of Australia’s largest surveying, professional advisory and spatial mapping company, our services and systems incorporate a relentless dedication to accuracy and quality. Combined with our 3D spatial, survey, data integration and visualisation capability, we can provide turn-key solutions to enable any subsurface mapping requirement.

Services include:

Utility Locating

Comprehensive suite of accredited utility locating services to achieve all Quality Levels pursuant to AS5488-2013 featuring industry best practice methodologies and state of the art equipment.

Services Mapping

Combining desktop and site investigation methodologies to consolidate and map services information from disparate data sources (public, as-built, survey) to enable project planning, costing and feasibility studies.

Utility Surveys

Industry-leading survey services featuring both Total Station and RTK-GNSS for utility pick-up, set outs, pit mapping, overhead services, offsets, boundaries and construction planning.

Heritage / Archaeology

Range of innovative mapping techniques including 3D GPR, Resistivity, Conductivity and Tomography to enable the location of artefacts or identify areas of investigative interest.


Range of geophysical applications for the location and mapping of subsurface objects, stratums, voids and leaks.

Sewer & Drainage Inspections

Complete CCTV scanning and reporting services for sewer, water and drainage inspections.

Non-Destructive Digging

Vacuum excavation and non-destructive digging services including potholing and slit trenching methodology to safely expose underground utilities and targets.

3D Modelling and Visualisation

Award winning 3D modelling and visualisation capability including 3D fly-throughs, Google Earth and virtual and augmented reality solutions.

BIM, GIS and FM Integration

All our subsurface mapping outputs can be modelled and integrated with Building Information Modelling (BIM), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Asset / Facility Management Systems.

Surface & Terrain Modelling

Digital terrain and surface modelling services using traditional survey, LiDAR, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry to reference the assets and services to the existing surface.

Laser Scanning

Full suite of aerial, terrestrial and mobile laser scanning solutions to provide added context to subsurface mapping information.

In combination with our years of experience managing spatial data, we are able to provide comprehensive subsurface solutions.

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