Geospatial Data Management

Geospatial data management from which projects can develop

Veris offers a range of services to facilitate geospatial data management. Our team has access to the most technologically advanced systems to provide specialised imagery and analysis, cartographic plans, GIS products and custom graphics; giving clients the best possible data for key decisions on projects. 

Our GIS data management products are uniquely tailored to client needs, allowing clear visualisation of information. Through efficient collection, integration and management of client datasets, we provide the tools to solve problems and underpin decision making.

With the geospatial data extracted by our laser scanning systems, we can create physical 3D models and fly-throughs, supporting terrain analysis on all types of developments. These products greatly assist site planning, due diligence and investigation processes, as well as community consultation. Our dedicated statutory drafting team has a wide range of experience in producing all types of plans and datasets for engineering and cadastral surveying.

Our custom graphics team has many years of design and production experience, utilising the latest software to produce high quality, customised, colour products including advertising and public submissions for a range of client benefits.

Managing geospatial data is a crucial component of managing information about your development or project. Veris is fully conversant with a range of data information systems that clients use for spatial data management, including:

GIS Services and Web GIS

  • Used to layer spatially related maps to provide statistical analysis of geographical data. Satellite imagery is overlayed with various diagrams and statistical data to produce a wealth of information on demographics, roads, natural habitat and more.

Geodatabase Design

  • Geodatabase design involves organising information into a series of layers that can be integrated using geographic location.


  • Building Information Management (BIM) software is used to model buildings and Infrastructure in three dimensions (3D). BIM is used for Integrated Project Delivery to harness the relevant information for a project in one location to be analysed, interpreted and manipulated in a virtual environment through each phase of development.

CAD and Cartographic Services

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) uses computers to replace manual drafting in architecture or structural engineering.
  • Spatial data plots the coordinates of constructions, natural features such as oceans and lakes and the topology of the Earth; essentially creating a map with an optimised database which can be used to quickly query and represent the data contained within.

Data Conversions & Visualisation

  • The creation and study of the visual representation of data using graphics, plots, information graphics and other tools. 
  • The conversion of digital information from one format to another while maintaining the full integrity of the data. 


  • Veris provides Geospatial Data Management consulting from the pre-project phase to project completion. Veris has decades of experience in consultation with clients and other stakeholders. 

Our national surveying team offers clients access to Australia’s leading geospatial services, while providing added value through our local expertise in both regional and metro locations.

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