Substation 3D Scan and Model

How do you manage, plan and design upgrades to complex facilities that span more than 120,000m2 and include 10,000 structures and assets without losing sight of the big picture?

The owner of two large electrical substations achieved it by contracting Veris to perform a high-definition 3D scanning survey and deliver detailed 3D CAD models of the facilities and assets. Each substation was in the order of 60,000m2 and included more than 5,000 individual site assets such as transformers, insulators, bus-bars with supporting framework and structures.

A licensed surveyor worked onsite taking field measurements using a total station and 3D laser scanner simultaneously. Data collection for each site was completed within three days with more than 150 scan locations recorded in conjunction with a topographic and re-establishment survey. Veris’ engineering and CAD design team developed a predefined 3D database of common assets such as insulators, transformers and bus-bars to expedite modelling time. The resulting 3D CAD model now serves as a foundation for the client’s asset management of facilities on the sites.

Veris provided the client with detailed 3D as-built CAD datasets, digital terrain models, boundary identification and feature survey plans. All of this information assists the client to plan, communicate and design upgrades to the substation including site expansion, circuit breaker replacement and associated switchgear and protection works.

To further enhance communication of existing site conditions between all stakeholders, a cloud based Truview Global database was supplied. This technology enables all stakeholders to perform virtual site visits to view, communicate and measure 3D scan data directly in a web browser.

Planned future works at the sites include replacement of assets in poor condition to maintain the quality, reliability and security of supply of interstate electricity transmission services.