Hope Vale Aboriginal Community

As a result of a Queensland Government decision to provide more secure title to people in Aboriginal communities, we were given the opportunity to undertake the necessary survey work at Hope Vale – a small community on Cape York.

The town of Hope Vale and surrounding area was contained with a Deed of Grant in Trust in which there was no accurate depiction of the various land tenures.

Our task was to initially provide an accurate cadastral framework by closing all approximate, compiled road corridors and opening new roads by accurate survey.

Once the roads were opened we created 180 individual household leases and a number of administrative titles (police, school, etc.), converting the previous haphazard title arrangement into a more conventional situation similar to all other small Queensland townships.

In addition to the township leases we also surveyed a large number of rural holdings in often difficult and remote locations. A variety of survey methods were used including rapid static and RTK GPS surveys, Total Station and approximate photogrammetry.

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