Hunter Expressway Project (Eastern Section)

This project comprised 13 kilometres of road containing 29 bridges of just about every type. There were three pairs of viaducts which were pre-cast segmental balanced cantilever structures. Also of note was an incrementally launched bridge over the F3 Freeway which curved in two planes and was launched over live traffic.

The segmental balanced cantilever viaducts are among the longest span lengths for this type of structure ever built in Australia, and the incrementally launched bridge over the F3 was one of the more complex incremental launches undertaken in Australia. Our Operation in Sydney was responsible for the set out of this structure, as well as a custom made application to report on the bridges’ progress as it was launched.


  • Establishment of a control network
  • Mine fill set out and reporting
  • Setout and reporting of the incrementally launched bridge
  • Set out of 4 Super T bridges
  • Pre-Cast yard survey for setout, pre-pour and as built of viaduct sections
  • Earthworks and pavement setout
  • Pavement machine control management

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