Laguna Quays, Midge Point

Having begun work on the Laguna Quays project at its inception in the late 1980’s, our Mackay office team boasts an in-depth knowledge of the complexity of this project’s legislative and complex titling arrangements. 

Initial work focussed on providing surveying services for the design and construction of the lodge, golf course, marina and adjoining condominiums on behalf of Aqua del Ray. 

The resort was developed under the little-used Integrated Resort Development Act (IRDA), with Our Mackay office survey and tenure specialists counselling the client in the surveying, land titling and town planning requirements of the IRDA. 

  • Our skills proved invaluable for obtaining all necessary planning approvals for the subsequent owners, with Our Mackay office managing the following:
  • Survey, urban design and planning approvals for the hillside lots on the western side of Kunapipi Road;
  • Hydrographic and cadastral surveys for the marina leases;
  • Commonwealth and State planning approvals for an International Airport;
  • Planning approvals, cadastral surveying and titling for several Group Title developments adjacent to the golf course;
  • Various boundary reconfigurations for englobo sites for on sale to others;
  • Design surveys for two additional golf courses;
  • Preparation of development applications and survey plans in accordance with the IRDA, including negotiating with Council and providing advice on approvals;
  • Preparation of subdivision layouts
  • Detail, engineering and cadastral surveying;
  • Project management of various sub-consultants.


In delivering our specialist surveying and planning skills needed to see this development through to fruition, we used various innovative technologies to address the design challenges presented by the rugged terrain and environmental constraints.

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