Mt Bellenden Ker

In a great example of how we can adapt our survey equipment and methodology to provide an innovative solution to any challenge, we undertook a unique project to measure the 3D length of the main load bearing cable for the Mt Bellenden Ker cable car, and the catenary between each of the nine support towers.

The environment was challenging to say the least, with Mt Bellenden Ker being the second highest mountain in Queensland. Covered by dense rainforest, it also records Australia’s highest annual rainfall and its summit is normally shrouded in cloud.

At its top, is a large broadcasting mast, with the cable car used to transport people and equipment to and from the tower for maintenance and repairs.

The existing load bearing cable had been deemed unsafe to ride, so our challenge was to devise a survey solution that allowed the cable to be measured remotely.

There were a number of issues to overcome with this task such as the methodology to use, the large height difference (approximately 1,350 metres) over the length of the cable, and the uncertain weather conditions near the top of the mountain (around five kilometres away).

After some trial and error, we were able to complete this task effectively by strapping a rover GPS unit to the cable car and running it up and down the mountain several times. The data was processed by using the Post-Process-Kinematic Survey Style within our Trimble Survey


The results over several passes were extremely consistent and our data has been forwarded to the cable company in America who will manufacture and install a new cable.

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