Perth Arena

Our WA office were commissioned to provide specialist surveying and GeoSpatial support including 3D Modelling for construction of the prefabricated exterior cladding, windows, interior wood panelling and public art installations.

To enable the exterior cladding installation our WA office utilised Laser Scanning to conduct as-built surveys of the structural steel to ensure all construction was within the tight tolerances required for the project.

Over the 2 years we were on site we conducted 246 laser scans collecting in excess of 12 billion individual measurements.

Over 5000 individual structural and mechanical features were modelled for the project. Our WA office were also engaged to precisely set out the exterior glazing and interior wood panelling.


Our involvement began as it finished with extensive client consultation and agreement on the exact project requirements and spatial deliverables. The project was characterised by our ability to provide innovative spatial solutions to unique complex construction challenges.

Based on the laser scan survey data and as-built 3D model of the structural steel, the tessellated exterior cladding panels were able to be individually customised and prefabricated to eliminate the requirement for any onsite modification.

The following video outlines the work that was performed by Veris in the construction of Perth Arena.



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