Health & Safety

Committed to the safe delivery of industry leading service

Veris operates under an accredited HSEQ management system ensuring the consistent quality of our delivery to every client.

Through proactive planning of all work activities, we ensure that clients receive a streamlined solution and criteria suitable for the specific project.

The safety of our people and a commitment to zero harm are values that are revered throughout Veris and on every project. We are dedicated to safeguarding our environment and ensuring that the solutions we provide to our clients reflect this commitment.

We are committed to the safe delivery of industry leading service. Veris' formal management systems are certified to international standards for:

  • Environmental Management ISO 14001
  • OHS Management System ISO 45001
  • Quality Assurance ISO 9001
  • Committed to the safe delivery of industry leading service

Veris operates under a formal Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001. Our staff are dedicated to the application of our quality systems, which govern all business processes.

Continuous Improvement Program

Our established Continuous Improvement Program ensures industry best practices are developed, implemented and reviewed across the Company. Our Business Management System (BMS) utilises the latest web-based software ensuring consistent service across urban and regional locations. We undertake regular internal audits and Global Mark audits on all of our business process and locations annually.

Environmental Management System

Veris operates under a formal Environmental Management System certified to ISO 14001. Our staff are committed to minimising the impact on the environment by promoting a culture of sustainability for the benefits of future generations.

Workplace Safety

The health and safety of our employees is paramount. We are committed to developing a workplace that is incident and injury free, by working together to send our employees safe from work every day.

Veris promote and encourage a culture where our employees are proactively maintaining a safe and healthy workplace including active promotion of safe work practices by adhering to relevant legalisation, standards and best practice that impact on our operation, our client’s operation and work environment in general. We strive to prevent pollution, and seek continual improvement with respect to emission wastes and energy efficiency that is our environmental footprint.

Veris is committed to making sure work health and safety and environment is at the forefront of all our development plans. The work health and safety and environment team work closely to develop and implement effective processes, plans and procedures. A fully productive employee must first be safe and secure.

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