Our Principals

With over 20 offices in operation, Veris has a team of Principals in key disciplines across various regions in Australia. The main responsibilities of this important role include;

  • Management of key client relationships
  • Lead project procurement and execution
  • Manage expert teams, as well as training, development and utilisation
  • Deliver agreed project outcomes to Veris clients

The table which follows lists all of our more than 30 Principals, their discipline and the region for which they are responsible. 



Principal Office Principal Office
David Sloan - Survey Canberra   Alistair Byrom - Survey Brisbane
Mark Andrew - Survey Surry Hills Jimmy Duncan - Planning Brisbane
Tasy Moraitis - Survey Surry Hills  Andrew Carstairs - Planning Brisbane
Cameron Miles - Survey   Sydney  Boris Krkljes - Industry Partner Brisbane
Laurence Mead - Subsurface Sydney  Greg Connors - Planning Brisbane
Matthew Williams - Construction Sydney  James Johnston - Construction Brisbane
Neil Scott - Construction Sydney  Mark Baumann - 3D Spatial Brisbane
Vassili Galettis - Survey Sydney  Peter Sippel - Survey Brisbane 
    Scott Reid - Survey Whitsundays



Principal Office Principal Office
Dylan Gathercole - Survey Adelaide Daryl Broun - Utilities Perth
Justin Legg - Survey Hobart Neil Farnsworth - Engineering Perth
Brad Chambers - MLS Port Melbourne Paul Rhodes - Cadastral Survey Perth
Nicholas Davies - 3D Spatial Port Melbourne Tim Fowler - 3D Spatial Perth
Nick Herath - Engineering Port Melbourne     
Adrian Thomas - Survey Melbourne     
Andrei Fijan - Survey Melbourne     
Brendan Munari - Regional Survey Melbourne     
Gavin Ronald - Construction Melbourne     
Greg Williams - Survey  Melbourne     
Randah Jordan - Town Planning & Urban Design Melbourne     
Ross Nicholson - Regional Survey Melbourne     
Scott Wyllie - Regional Survey Melbourne