Land & property surveying is our traditional area of expertise, but there is nothing traditional about the way we use spatial information.

Working with the best local talent and cutting edge survey equipment and tools, we are ready to tackle even the most challenging or remote environment. We have teams of land surveying specialists in each state and pride ourselves on delivering spatial solutions that are one step ahead.

We have teams of registered cadastral surveyors in each state who have expertise across all industries from Residential, Agribusiness, Industrial, Mining, Tourism, Commercial/Retail and Education. 

Clients choose to work with Veris because of our strong track record in creating partnerships in order to understand the specific expectations of each project. Additionally, our flexible, proactive approach ensures that clients’ needs are always met. Our award-winning team will guide you through the various options and deliverables and advise on the best approach to meet the quality, accuracy, time and cost goals of your project.

Our access to the latest technology enables us to provide our clients with a competitive advantage. We can deliver an effective project through a team of proactive, mobile, fully equipped property surveying professionals who are the best in their field.

Our Property Surveying services include:

  • Cadastral Surveys
    • Greenfield Estates
    • Urban Infill
    • Infrastructure Corridors
    • Road (Boundary Definitions, Resumptions and Re-Configurations)
    • Rail (Boundary Definitions, Resumptions, Easements and Re-Configurations)
    • Utilities (Boundary Definitions, Resumptions, Easements and Re-Configurations)
    • Strata Surveys
    • Volumetric Surveys
    • Lease Surveys
    • Tenure Strategies & Strata Consulting

Veris is a preferred service provider for national land developers as well as many local government planning departments. Veris is able to offer a proactive team with strong local knowledge that will allow clients' projects to develop with confidence.

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