Navigating the often complex relationship between the legal rights associated with land and buildings and their physical position, extents and interactions with the public is critical to the success of any development. There can also be the need to work alongside other professionals to solve land-based problems involving third parties and legal contest. To avoid unforeseen costs and delays, its essential to get it right the first time.

At Veris, our expertise in providing consulting services for land, building and infrastructure developments ensures our clients can meet their project objectives and timelines. Our depth of experience and multi-disciplinary team of professionals means we’re able to take a holistic view of developments, and provide guidance and advice if problems arise. We’re able to maximise property asset values and future opportunities through flexible and proactive titling arrangements across an asset’s lifecycle. We also have established relationships with consultants, government agencies and local authorities, enabling us to work closely with key stakeholders to deliver the best outcomes.

Our Services

Our consulting services for land, building and infrastructure developments include:

Greenfield Residential

We work closely with Australia’s premier property groups to support the delivery of masterplanned communities, providing a range of consulting services to ensure the subdivision process runs smoothly and lots can be brought to market to meet client objectives.


Our track record working on some of Australia’s most impressive multi-story and mixed-use developments means our highly experienced team can guide our clients through even the most complex subdivision and titling processes.


Road, rail and other large infrastructure project require inputs from an array of stakeholders and a robust methodology to allow for the definition of boundaries, acquisition and development of land. We’ve provided consulting services to some of Australia largest infrastructure projects to provide a framework for the delivery of the project.

Digital & Spatial solutions

Unlock the power of 3D technology and spatial data on your development project. From data capture using UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), LiDAR and photogrammetric methods, through to the delivery of 3D models, visualisations and GIS data storage, our multi-disciplinary team can advise on leading edge Digital & Spatial solutions that can digitally transform your project.

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