Tunnelling projects must maintain high levels of accuracy whilst operating in a restricted underground environment. Strong coordination between construction and survey crews, and rigorous data collection and management processes are essential to ensure the construction program remains on track.

At Veris our specialist tunnelling expertise has seen us support the delivery of some of Australia’s largest tunnelling projects. Our ability to flex our survey crews to meet the significant resourcing demands of tunnelling projects ensures our clients can trust us to meet their project milestones. We work closely with construction crews to provide high accuracy guidance systems and perform checks and verifications on survey data in real-time. We’re able to apply the latest technology including an array of sensors, instruments and 3D laser scanning to provide the best solution for our clients.

Our Services

Our tunnelling services include:

Digital & Spatial solutions

We’re also able to provide a range of Digital & Spatial solutions to support your building construction project. From 3D laser scanning through to the delivery of 3D models and BIM, our multi-disciplinary team can advise on leading edge 3D technologies that can transform your project.

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Development Consulting

Road, rail and other large infrastructure projects require inputs from an array of stakeholders and a robust methodology to allow for the definition of boundaries, acquisition and development of land. We’ve provided consulting services to some of Australia largest infrastructure projects to provide a framework for the delivery of the project.

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