The Dunes Masterplan

Veris is proud to have assisted Urbex in the design of the first stage of their coastal residential resort estate which has delivered and continues to deliver urban design excellence.

Our Town Planning and Urban Design teams worked quickly through revising an old plan and introducing new ideas, while being mindful of meeting deadlines as bulk earthworks were underway.

The key change to previous plans was the desire to create a community focal point by creating a coastal village street, that is a mixture of restaurants, cafes, bar and convenience retail. This village street will be further enhanced with the up grading an extension to Mulherin Park that will link directly to the street through a coastal plaza. Fronting the north of the village street is a mix or resort and residential accommodation, with the retail at ground level, and to the south retail with residential above and behind.

At the same time, the team was updating the overall concept master plan for the entire 70 hectare estate for a mixture of tourism, residential and conservation uses.

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