Urban Design

Creating special places to live, work and play, we build on the existing community to bring people together. We collaborate to bring the best minds to the table, helping to unlock the true potential of your project. With people-focused Urban Design as our mantra, the result is a liveable, sustainable communities that connect meaningfully with the environment.

At Veris, delivering solutions that surpass the aspirations of stakeholders is our priority. It’s why we’ve helped bring many of Australia’s major urban design projects to life. Our expertise includes major development applications, crown lease variations, subdivisions and environmental impact assessments and more. Skilled in development due diligence, strategic advice and risk assessment, we embrace technology and data to overcome project complexities saving our clients considerable project costs and time. Our ability to understand and navigate extensive and complex planning pathways is what makes our masterplan submissions, draft planning instruments, advice on policies, regulations and legislation, the best in the industry. We foster a triple bottom line approach highlighting our thought leadership and design excellence.

Our Services

Our Urban Design services include:

Unlocking space to create place

Urban design is the development of communities, from small villages and suburbs to major cities and regional towns. Its impact is far reaching, touching people, affecting the history of the land, business and even world economy. Urban Design is central to quality of life, and place determines how rich and fulfilling it can be. Its not just about public spaces, its about interfaces, interactions, movement and journeys through spaces.

Current global impacts such as Climate Change, rapidly advancing technology and evolving health issues are determining how we design our built environment. Mitigating impact in a meaningful way is fast becoming the underlying framework of urban design today.

At Veris we shape the environment through considered integration of varying project factors. Each projects unique social, historical, economic, physical and environmental constraints and opportunities form part of our integrated design and idea generation process. Our masterplans are a crafted microcosm of its context, where natural features are embraced and the vitality of its unique culture can continue to grow and people living in our neighbourhoods can form strong communities.

Working closely with stakeholders, authorities and consultants, we unpack the potential of each project and unlock its highest and best use, not forgetting the need for optimum return on investment. We understand that development cost efficiencies and the commercial value of a project is just as critical to its success as the all-important sustainability measures and community’s end experience.

Veris recognises the importance of place-making today, and how utilising state of the art technology is integral to creating a successful place.

We recognise:

  • Urban spaces that people can truly connect with are more vital than ever now that remote working patterns are becoming the new normal.
  • An inclusive, open-ended approach allows our team the freedom to explore a range of possible outcomes via a collaborative process.
  • Embracing technology and data provides an evidence-based decision-making platform, to design future ready communities. Our GIS platform enhances project efficiencies through streamlined information sharing and design performance analysis.