High Pressure Gas Supervision Services

The presence of critical gas infrastructure within your excavation area can present significant safety risks and potentially lead to costly damage to assets.

In addition, there are strict regulations for planning and conducting works near the gas distribution network which is owned and operated by ATCO within Western Australia.

All work within 15 metres of critical asset gas infrastructure must be approved by ATCO, and any work within five meters requires an ATCO approved Critical Asset Gas Pipeline Location Officer (Approved Locator), also known as a High Pressure Gas Supervisor.

At Veris, we have a team of ATCO approved High Pressure Gas Supervisors to ensure your excavation is compliant with regulations and protect the site from potential hazards.

Our High Pressure Gas Supervisors have approval to attend and assess all works and activities on ATCO’s behalf and provide expert guidance. This includes:

To discuss your project requirements, contact hpgas@veris.com.au