Reality capture project recognised for technical excellence

At the 2020 Victoria Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards announced last night, Veris, AECOM and Metro Trains Melbourne won the award for Technical Excellence for the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop Reality Capture project.

With no previously existing technology available to undertake the complex tasks involved in the detailed inspection of Melbourne’s Underground Rail Loop, Veris worked with AECOM and MTM to develop a custom-built remote sensing solution.

The multi-disciplinary project incorporated engineering, spatial, rail, software, and infrastructure specialists to deliver a cost-effective bespoke system with a high degree of technical excellence.

Utilising a custom camera array, lighting system, and a rail vehicle, the system captures high resolution geo-referenced data at speed and can track potential defects in the four underground tunnels via QR codes.

The judges praised the project’s innovation and technical creativity, recognising it as a clever and cost-effective solution to a tricky problem.

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