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Burnley and Domain Tunnels

The Burnley and Domain tunnels are some of Melbourne’s most important transport infrastructure assets. Without them the city would quickly grind to a halt.

Construction of the new Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnels involved two tunnel boring machines passing directly beneath the Burnley and Domain Tunnels with the potential to adversely affect the structural integrity of the existing tunnels.

To mitigate these risks, Veris were engaged to design, deploy and operate an automated monitoring solution which involved the installation of several total stations and fixed prism array to continuously monitor tunnel stability for a duration of six months.

Real-time telemetry was streamed via 4G communications to Veris secure servers running an in-house hosted monitoring platform. A web-based monitoring portal was also provided to all project stakeholders to enable visualisation and analysis of site conditions and configured to send automated alarms via email and SMS in the event observations exceed predefined limits.

The automated monitoring system successfully ran for the entire six-month project duration with 100% uptime ensuring safety and peace of mind to all project stakeholders.

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