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Palm Beach Ave

For a recent project in the suburb of Palm Beach, ShoreDan needed to obtain development approval for a multiple dwelling project at site that was in a transition between a substantial commercial / retail centre and a medium density residential area.

ShoreDan identified the achievement of higher density than planning scheme and higher site coverages as key to the success of the project, and consequently engaged Veris to deliver a solution and obtain development approvals that would allow the multiple dwelling project to proceed.

The solution

Veris was able to apply its multi-disciplinary capability, which includes GIS and spatial analysis, along with the company’s extensive planning approval expertise to deliver the most optimal development outcome.

Through spatial analysis across the Palm Beach suburb, it was possible to demonstrate to Council the higher site coverages that had been approved of late. Site coverage data was produced, and then overlayed with GIS mapping for data analysis to create a compelling case for the development.

The outcome

The eventual outcome for ShoreDan was obtaiing approval for 50% higher density than planning scheme and 20% higher site cover, that enabled the creation of a suitable built form, scale and character response to this strategic location.

Acknowledgements: Plus Architecture and ShoreDan Projects.

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