Digital & Spatial

Latest LiDAR technology and unrivalled accuracy, providing tailored solutions.

Remote 3D spatial represents a service line that uses specialised equipment including laser scanners, ground penetrating radar and photographic cameras to collect geospatial information about an object without making physical contact. Remote 3D spatial is beneficial for gathering information on hard to access or culturally sensitive areas.

Veris can provide Laser scanning, digital and spatial services for a wide variety of project applications where precise data extraction and delivery are paramount. Our expert teams utilise the latest technologies to provide digital and spatial solutions specific to the needs of each individual project and client.

3D Scanning can be used in almost any engineering process to provide high definition 3D imaging of physical parts for any number of disciplines. Our scanning systems can measure items of any size from cars, boats, aircraft, buildings and petro-chemical plants to jewellery, turbine blades and dental implants.

Our scanning, digital and spatial capabilities include:

Veris have a wealth of highly skilled staff and the very latest in hardware and software capabilities. Our Metrologists, Engineers and Surveyors ensure every project performed by Veris provides you with;

  • High-accuracy scans
  • Expert scanning engineers and surveyors
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Ultra-precise clean data
  • Usable data formatted for your specific application
  • Responsive customer service

Veris is the best solution for your digital and scanning challenge. We possess the technology, technical know-how and experience to ensure that every project is done correctly, quickly, and to your satisfaction.

Veris Memberships

Veris are members of The National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA), Telstra Accredited Plant Locators (TAPL) and Dial Before You Dig Associate Members. We are confident that we are able to consistently deliver solutions of the highest standards to our clients. 

The following video is an example of our Digital and Spatial services in action. 



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