Unlock the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to bring innovative solutions to challenging problems. Make better decisions over the lifecycle of a project by analysing and rapidly visualising complex spatial data to find similarities and extract value.

At Veris we offer a range of GIS solutions incorporating data analysis, data management and data visualisation for our clients. We’re able to undertake complex raster and vector analysis on spatial data whilst leveraging our holistic understanding of surveying, LiDAR, photogrammetry and 3D modelling, to help our clients make better decisions. With data at the centre of everything we do, we can rapidly deploy data management hubs for our clients’ projects to deliver a single source of truth for project stakeholders to access data and spatial documentation across the lifecycle of a project.

We know spatial data

Our expertise extends across the full data lifecycle; from data capture and processing, through to analytics. This understanding enables a holistic approach to provide you with the most streamlined insights.

Visualise and interact

Our platforms and dashboards empower stakeholders to visualise and interact with data for smarter decision making without software and hardware constraints.

Perform complex analytics

Get the full picture by combining data from multiple sources to perform complex spatial analytics and scenario modelling that can be visualised and shared.

Our Services

Extract maximum value from your spatial data with our range of GIS services:


Greenfield Developments

Deploy our GIS portal for an entire greenfield development, providing easy to interpret visualisations to control risk, deliver efficiencies and improve collaboration.

Construction Projects

View and inspect features collected live from multiple sources in the field using our desktop application to better plan your construction program.

Absolute positioning

Use high accuracy and high precision absolute positioning on features like cracks and defects to perform temporal analysis on asset dilapidation on roads and tunnels.