3D Modelling & BIM

Drive the digital transformation of your project by unlocking the power of 3D modelling and BIM.

At Veris, we’re industry leaders in the development of digital representations of physical assets such buildings and infrastructure. Our 3D models are the foundation to Digital Twins, and can be used to support BIM across the entire project lifecyle. We understand the complexities of integrating as-built 3D model deliverables with client workflows, whilst working closely to create a level of detail that is fit for purpose. And, because we’re also able to perform the initial data capture, we can deliver an efficient end-to-end-solution for our clients to meet their digitalisation needs.

Visualise your asset

Gain an increased understanding of the site and collaborate on the work to designed and executed with a single source of truth.

Intelligent design and planning

Reduce errors and support efficiencies across the entire project lifecycle, from design through to maintenance.

Build a Digital Twin

Overlay real time data on asset performance to build a Digital Twin and manage operational risks.

Our Services

Model and visualise your assets with our range of 3D Modelling & BIM services:

  • 3D Model Development (Revit, CAD)
  • Scan-to-BIM
  • Conversion of 2D to 3D
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Software sales and support (Geomagic)
  • Visualisation
  • Clash Detection
  • 4D Modelling.


Advanced 3D Mass Modelling

Develop highly detailed 3D mass models of mining and industrial plant and equipment including MEP to optimise maintenance planning and upgrades.

As-built Models & BIM

As-built Revit models of buildings and infrastructure including architectural, MEP, and structural engineering can be developed to support the design of upgrades, and also create a BIM model.

Digital Twins

Use our foundational 3D models to build a Digital Twin and empower asset management teams to make data-driven decisions and better manage operational risks.

Award winning 3D Modelling team

Our multi-disciplinary expertise includes a team of 3D modellers nationally, ensuring we have the capability and capacity to deliver precise, accurate models with a faster turn-around time. Our team work closely with our clients to tailor the model and respective level of detail (LOD) to suit its purpose. Our team have been recognised at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards, for demonstrating technical excellence in the development of 3D models as a foundation for a Digital Twin.

Data capture from the land, air and sea

Our expertise in data capture enables us to provide an end-to-end modelling and visualisation solution for our clients. Learn more about our Terrestrial Laser Scanning, UAV, Mobile Laser Scanning, Hydrography, and Subsurface Utilities data capture capabilities.

Secure, cloud-based data delivery and visualisation platform

Our secure cloud-based data delivery and visualisation platform, 3SiDe, allows you to easily access, interrogate and download your 3D data from the cloud to your desktop through a web browser. 3SiDe is available under our Data-as-a-Service subscription model.

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