Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Quickly and accurately capture the data you need to make better decisions with our range of 3D terrestrial laser scanning solutions.

Whether you need to analyse and model the as-built conditions of complex buildings, civil and mechanical facilities, mechanical assets or vehicles, we’re able to perform fit-for-purpose 3D terrestrial laser scanning for your project. Our highly experienced team are able to deploy leading-edge technology, from entry-level visualization to mid-range architectural, high-end survey and metrology grade scanning equipment for the provision of high-quality 3D data.

Rapid data capture

Save costs through the rapid capture of highly accurate survey data compared to traditional methods.

Minimise safety risks

Reduce workforce requirements on site and the need for multiple site visits, minimising the safety risks.

We're the experts

Get the best solution from our highly skilled and experienced team, with over 100 years of combined expertise in laser scanning.

Our Services

We deploy 3D terrestrial laser scanning to offer a range of spatial data services including:



Deploy 3D laser scanning to capture the as-built conditions including architectural, MEP, and structural engineering to support the design of upgrades or maintenance programs, and also create a BIM model.

Virtual Site Tours

Unlock efficiencies by gaining an increased understanding of the site and collaborate on the work to be done, deploying terrestrial laser scanning to develop Virtual Site Tours.

Build a Digital Twin

3D laser scanning and modelling are the foundations to Digital Twins - overlay real time data on asset performance to build a Digital Twin and manage operational risks.

Secure, cloud-based data delivery and visualisation platform

Our secure cloud-based data delivery and visualisation platform, 3SiDe, allows you to easily access, interrogate and download your 3D data from the cloud to your desktop through a web browser. 3SiDe is available under our Data-as-a-Service subscription model.

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3D Modelling & Visualisations

We’re leaders in spatial data capture and applications that enable actionable insights and better decision making. Our Digital & Spatial team can convert high resolution imagery and point cloud data captured by our UAVs into 3D models and visualizations.

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