DaaS and AI

Bring your data, intelligence, and people together with 3SiDe, our secure cloud-based data delivery, AI and visualisation platform.

To extract maximum value from spatial data, it needs to be easy to access, interrogate and share. Typically, this process has been burdened by heavy data processing and hosting requirements for massive data sets, and the need for single use propriety software licenses. 3SiDe overcomes these challenges to deliver a 3D visualisation and analysis experience available through any web browser, combining high-quality 3D data with AI (artificial intelligence) / machine learning and intuitive diagnostic tools. Users can share asset data, insights, and digital representations with anyone for real-time collaboration.

Save time and money

Save time and money on data processing, hosting and single-use proprietary software licences with 3SiDe’s on-demand, secure, cloud based data.

Unlock efficiencies

Undertake virtual inspections without the need to visit site, or deploy the power of AI to quickly detect defects, and unlock efficiencies.


Share spatial data, insights and digital representations with your internal and external teams for real-time collaboration.


AI Crack Detection

3SiDe can use machine learning / AI to detect and display surface crack / defect detections. Users can mark-up photogrammetry-based 3D meshes for asset management purposes.

Share Point Clouds

3SiDe users can intuitively explore both the point cloud and imagery captured from mobile laser scanning. Users can then create unlimited links to share this 3D data, raw imagery and analysis with key stakeholders.

Asset Inspection

Perform virtual asset inspections and temporal analysis to quickly identify risks and reduce the requirements for site visits.

A centralised platform for your spatial data

3SiDe is the ideal place to create and manage 3D digital twins of physical assets such as buildings, vegetation, and infrastructure. Through 3SiDe, Veris provides users with low-cost data hosting, viewing and delivery of 3D datasets including reality meshes, point clouds and 360-degree panoramic imagery all overlaid with vector-based mapping data to record asset information.

Your data is secure with 3SiDe, the platform has certification against the ISO 27001 Information Security Standards.

Subscription based model

Available under a subscription-based DaaS (Data-as-a-Service) model, 3SiDe provides users with low-cost data hosting, viewing and delivery of 3D datasets.

For more information contact 3SiDe@veris.com.au