Mobile Laser Scanning

The surveying, mapping and inspection of linear infrastructure such as road and rail networks and surrounding assets can be challenging. There are significant safety hazards such as traffic movements to manage, larger distances to capture, and increasing demands for highly detailed data.

At Veris, we provide Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) solutions to overcome these challenges and provide our clients with deliverables that enable actionable insights and better decision making. By using vehicle-mounted MLS, we’re able to capture high-resolution seamless imagery and 3D point clouds without needing to step outside the vehicle, eliminating danger zones and significant health and safety risks. We’re also able to provide our clients with significant productivity gains due to the faster rates of data capture over traditional methods. In addition, by capturing large amounts of data initially, we’re able to re-use the data if end requirements change simply by more processing.

Reduce and eliminate safety risks

Minimise requirements for working within active transport corridors and eliminate danger zones.

Efficient, fast data capture

Capture detailed data, faster over larger distances, whilst reducing requirements for traffic management and permits.

Deploy Australia-wide

Our leading-edge technology, which provides the perfect mix of data quality and functionality, is ready to deploy Australia-wide.

Our services

We deploy MLS to offer a range of spatial data documentation and deliverables including:


Road Condition Assessments

Quickly detect surface cracks and monitor the structural health and integrity of road infrastructure.

Dilapidation Surveys

Understand the condition of the road network surrounding your project prior to commencing construction.

Feature Surveys

Get a colourised Point Cloud including feature extraction to support the design stage of your project.

State-of-the-art technology that is ready to deploy

We’re able to deploy state-of-the-art MLS systems to your project, including the Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate Mobile Sensor Platform. The perfect mix of data quality and functionality, the Leica Pegasus: Two Ultimate incorporates two back-to-back cameras creating a 24 MP 360-degree image calibrated to the LiDAR profiler data and allows capture in a variety of lighting conditions and vehicle speeds. The system utilises highly accurate SmartNet GPS corrections and can be adjusted to highly accurate ground targets using the latest total station technology.

Award winning and experienced team

Our award winning and experienced team are trusted by our clients to deliver MLS solutions across Australia. As highly experienced surveyors and spatial professionals with extensive software and data processing capabilities, our team have successfully delivered countless surveying, mapping and inspection projects using MLS to meet the needs of our clients. Our expertise was recognised at the most recent Asia Pacific Spatial Awards, where we won the Award for Technical Excellence in Victoria. We provided a customised MLS solution to our clients for inspection of linings of tunnels and rail infrastructure at the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop.

Reduce safety risks

Reduce or eliminate site safety risks by keeping your workforce away from hazards and danger. Our vehicle-mounted MLS units mean there is no need to step outside the vehicle on busy road and rail networks, eliminating danger zones, traffic management and significant health and safety risks.

3D Modelling & Visualisations

We’re leaders in spatial data capture and applications that enable actionable insights and better decision making. Our Digital & Spatial team can convert high resolution imagery and point cloud data captured by our UAVs into 3D models and visualizations.

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Secure, cloud-based data delivery and visualisation platform

Our secure cloud-based data delivery and visualisation platform, 3SiDe, allows you to easily access, interrogate and download your 3D data from the cloud to your desktop through a web browser. 3SiDe is available under our Data-as-a-Service subscription model.

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