Monitoring the movement of infrastructure, buildings, structures and natural hazards during and after construction projects, or over the lifecycle of an asset, is essential to safeguard high-risk assets and ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

At Veris, we provide a comprehensive range of monitoring services, from automated 24/7 monitoring solutions that deliver data and alerts in real-time, through to regular monitoring programs and detailed inspections that incorporate the latest 3D technology. Our clients trust us to provide monitoring solutions for transport infrastructure assets including tunnels, roads, bridges, and rail to mitigate potential risks. Our expertise also extends to measuring stability and providing geospatial intelligence for of large dam walls, rock faces and open cut mines.

Our Services

Our comprehensive range of monitoring services include:

  • Automated Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Subsistence Monitoring
  • Shotcrete Thickness Analysis.


Total Station, GNSS and geotechnical sensors monitoring data is delivered by a web based platform to report, visualize and share analysis with other project stakeholders, and can be configured with alarm conditions to warn stakeholders.

3D LiDAR (laser scanning) can be used to perform monitoring in including shotcrete analysis in tunnels where it has significant safety, time management advantages, and can help detect over and under spraying.

High-resolution 3D reality models can be developed to provide a digital representation of natural hazards such as rock faces to remotely visualise, measure, assess and plan next steps without physical travel to the hazardous site.

Get real-time data, insights and alerts

Our automated 24/7 monitoring solutions provide critical real-time data, insights and alerts for better decision making and increased safety on projects. We utilise a variety of sensors including Total Stations, GNSS and IoT geotechnical sensors such as tilt, vibration and strain gauges. Data can be streamed over 4G networks and presented in real-time via a web-based platform for stakeholders to view live readings and receive automated alerts if deformation thresholds are breached.

Harness the power of 3D, AI and Machine Learning

Where monitoring projects require a high level of visual fidelity, we’re able to provide bespoke solutions including the use of 3D laser scanning (LiDAR), high-resolution imagery and photogrammetry to develop point clouds and 3D reality meshes. We can also provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms to automatically identify key defects such as cracks and track the progression over time.

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