Metrology & Engineering

Precision, accuracy and efficiency are of paramount importance when working with components that require exacting tolerances.

At Veris, our team of industrial metrology engineers provide precision site measurement services around Australia to support industry. We operate a comprehensive range of precision technology, from portable coordinate measuring machines with both tactile and 3D laser scanning capabilities through to large scale precision measurement with a fleet of Laser Trackers suitable for measuring large objects to within tens of microns. Our experienced 3D CAD modelling capabilities provide component and assembly reverse engineering services using state-of-the-art reverse engineering software to create accurate as-built or design-intent 3D CAD models and drawings from any physical component.

Submillimeter accuracy

We operate with submillimeter accuracy, providing absolute precision measurement to ensure quality is maintained on your project.

Unrivalled knowledge and expertise

Our team combines a unique blend of qualified engineers and industry-leading spatial expertise to deliver the smartest outcomes.

Precision technology and instrumentation

We’re able to deploy a range of contact and non-contact precision measurement solutions to enable the right technology fit to meet your requirements

Our Services

Our range of metrology and engineering services include:

Industry sectors

Our clients trust us to provide our services across a range of industry sectors and applications including Power Generation (turbine refurbishments, precision alignments), Oil & Gas (Pipe spool design, fabrication and virtual fit-up analysis), Heavy Engineering (Mining, Marine, Industrial), Precision Engineering (Automotive, Aerospace).